I am Dejane Anderson, and im passionate about life,growth,people,art,cartoons,and animals.

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Sassy pug will take zero of your nonsense on We Heart Ithttp://weheartit.com/entry/125363562/via/Emma_Jungloev


Sassy pug will take zero of your nonsense on We Heart It

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Dog Lover Shirts: http://bit.ly/1sIvs6I


Dog Lover Shirts: http://bit.ly/1sIvs6I

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Animal hybrid illustrations by Nicholas Di Genova | On Tumblr

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Kendrick Lamar keepin’ it real. 

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Betype’s Against Cancer.

As may of you know, some weeks ago I said to you that my mom was diagnosed with Uterine Cancer in stage 3, so I made an Indiegogo campaign to help her with the treatment

I want to thank you to you all that have been sent me kind message and supporting my cause with donations. 

I made this poster to promote my campaign, some people take the joke as black humor. That, of course, isn’t my intention I just want to capture the attention of the young people that aren’t aware of Cancer by making a contrast of concepts, sometimes we are pissed off by little things as a dropped ice cream, youtube restrictions, low battery on your phone but if you stop and think how many people have hard problems in the world like cancer you will think twice before getting anger. Is like a merge of funny simple things (like your cookie doesn’t fit on your glass of milk) with a real serious problem, is far more easy to capture your attention with a simple and cute icon of a funny thing than showing a photograph of a woman dying from cancer or the word in all caps: CANCER. 

My real goal is pass the goal of $5k lot of people says that $5k isn’t enough for a whole threatment of Cancer so I really hope to pass that goal with your help.

If you want to help you can make a donation here:

Or you can share this post and spread the wor. Or share the original post:

I’ll make this poster available in limited printed letterpress version as a perk for a $50 donations!. I will give you details very soon.

Again thank to all the people who are supporting my cause.

You can give thanks here on my behance´s profile

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the muscle cat omg

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Extraordinary photos of young hitchhikers and freight train hoppers by Mike Brodie

Mike Brodie (tumblr | facebook) first began photographing in 2004 when he was given a Polaroid camera. Working under the moniker, The Polaroid Kidd, Brodie spent the next four years circumambulating the U.S. amassing an archive of photographs that would go on to make up one of the few, true collections of American travel photography. Having never undergone any formal training, he chose to remained untethered to the pressures and expectations of the art market.

Thats is my defintion of living - *-*

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